Towards the end of my freshman year in high school, I picked up a book called “Gray’s Anatomy,” which was the original book with all the anatomical drawings by Dr. Henry Gray. The book felt like a bible, full of education on one of the world’s most profound and fulfilling professions, the realm of medicine. I decided to take a look at the depictions of the human body parts inside, and quite frankly, my head hurt. I could not stand the influx of knowledge the book provided the reader on simply one page. In that moment, I realized how challenging the career of medicine would be if I were to pursue it, not merely in terms of academic rigor, but also the large amounts of time devoted to it. Perhaps this is why, I started to write this blog. To become a part of a small, yet flourishing premed community, where intellectual ideas could thrive. To become a part of something so powerful, and meaningful to society. To potentially inspire others to persist in their endeavors. Regardless, of the reason, I am excited to share the insights I gain from various sources on this blog! Thank you for taking the time to read it!

– Akriti Keswani, Houston, TX, USA



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