Money Isn’t An Excuse

Awhile back, I just realized how lucky high school students are in this country. We have access to so many resources, besides the library. Everything you want to know more about can be read online. I’m not trying to state the obvious, but there is literally no excuse for students to not know information about their area of interest, and I am here to tell you that money, is definitely not an excuse.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has an open courseware webpage where students can take free online courses about various areas of interest. These courses can be taken at the undergraduate and the graduate level. The best part about it, just like the Stanford University Lectures on YouTube is that you don’t have to have much initial knowledge about the subject, unless there’s a prerequisite. Even high school students can take these courses. If your dream was always to go to a prestigious school like MIT, you can get a head start on college by taking these courses,


I know that a lot of students my age have a lot of work as it is , already because of the advanced placement classes they may be taking. However, you can squeeze in a good 20 minutes each day for researching and acquiring knowledge out of curiosity. Trust me this stuff will pay off!


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