I’m Bulletproof, Nothing to Lose!

Just recently, I found out about this cool, “Bulletproof Diet,” by looking it up online. It basically is a “cavemen” diet that consists of healthy fats, animal protein, veggies and fruits (with no pesticides), no starch and no grains. You should also go check out this article on why this is actually effective and how the typical American diet is ridiculous:


Honestly, I thought this was a bunch of crap when I first saw this because this diet completely restricts us from eating bread, cereal and pasta. Okay, I didn’t think it was crap because it made perfect sense in my head. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it was and still is really hard to follow for me because I have literally been depending on bread, cereal, rice, pasta, etc., to fill me up, all this time. However, if you think about evolution, and how the human body was designed to work, we are supposed to only eat fatty acids, a little veggies and very little fruits, and animal protein. This all makes sense in my head because even though I am not a biochemist, I know how detrimental gluten, grains, legumes can be for the human body because we weren’t designed to eat this stuff in the first place. Our conventional food pyramid, especially here in the United States tells us how we’re supposed to have 6-11 servings of grains and a lot of fruits, when really you’re not supposed to have starch, or grains at all. I know this information may not be trustworthy, coming from a high school blogger, but don’t worry because I have evidence. Go read the “The Intuit Paradox,” based on true research in medicine at:



This isn’t some Dr. OZ dieting method or some weird tip to lose weight. This has been researched by mostly practicing physicians with M.D.s. You can look into it on the, “Bulletproof” website for which I also gave the link in my last post. Also, it’s not just about losing weight. It’s about getting smarter, sharper, stronger all at once. It’s about being in the state of high performance. These fatty acids that are included on this diet are essentially the fatty acids that make up your brain so it’s safe to say that by increasing the number of fatty acids you intake, you can really enhance your brain power. You can literally increase the cognitive capacity of your brain to think and progress.

Ten thousand years ago, our ancestors were tall, muscular, athletic and incredibly versatile but now, the average homo-sapien is overweight, out of shape, stressed out, unhappy, sleep deprived, and may be dying out of a myriad of preventable diseases. That’s really why this “cavemen” diet makes so much sense.

One thing I’ve realized is that the government of the United States in particular, doesn’t expose so much information about food because they don’t want the market of agriculture, including grains, wheat, and rice to die. For example, if you look up facts about gluten on WebMD, or on the Mayo Clinic website, it will tell you that gluten is neither essential nor detrimental to you, but really, that’s the American way of convincing you to not completely avoid wheat and grains that contain gluten. It makes sense why they would say that because the market for agriculture is so huge, but it isn’t in the best interest of the humans who actually go through these horrible diseases.  And no, I’m not saying that you’re going to die if you eat a lot of bread or pasta. I’m just saying that it isn’t in our genetics to be eating this type of agriculturally modified food. Staying on the typical American diet with processed food, a bunch of grains and other food filled with pesticides and neurotoxins  that we are not supposed to eat, will eventually get to you. When I become a physician, I hope my personal lifestyle and diet can impact my patients in a positive way and that people shall not die of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. I haven’t got to the stage where I can completely stick to this strict “cavemen” diet or Bulletproof Diet but I will get there and if I don’t, then I know I’m doing something wrong.

And that’s that. I’m bulletproof and I got nothing to lose from this. If there is going to be an effect, it has to be a positive and beneficial one!

“I am Titannnniiiuuummm…” Just kidding. Not yet. I will let you know when, though.

Bulletproof Diet Intro/Guide:



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