Jason Silva’s “We are Addicted to the New”

“We are addicted to the new. We are addicted to explore the parameters of possibility. We are addicted to probe the unknown…. We are programmed neurologically, with the chemical dopamine, to reward us, for overcoming limitations, and exploring the unknown. This idea, this addiction to the new, is responsible for a species that didn’t stay in the caves, didn’t stay on the planet, and won’t stay within the limitations of Biology. Literally, we are addicted to the new. And that is why we have dreamt, to become the chief agents of evolution. It’s the dopamine. It’s the dopamine.”– Jason Silva


In Jason Silva’s video called “We are Addicted to the New,” he explains how the human brain demands a reward for overcoming limitations, a result of dopamine. Now, this may sound a little selfish, but I believe that is a wonderful quality, because we are not necessarily demanding for something materialistic but for something that empowers us.

If I didn’t have that motivation, I wouldn’t aspire to be a surgeon. I wouldn’t even do my school work because I would think it isn’t necessary to do so. This is the result of the dopamine that my brain is releasing. And no, nowhere in this post or blog am I referring to the drug effect of dopamine. I am just amazed by the result of this. I am lucky enough to not need drugs like anti-depressants because I already have all the motivation and inspiration I need. I just need to use it for a good reason.

The amount of intellect and knowledge one can achieve in this world is infinite and tremendous itself. I want to challenge myself to go beyond the level of mediocrity society poses. I personally want to go to Columbia University in the City of New York. And let me just clarify, I don’t want the fancy Ivy League label that people may consider when hiring me someday. I actually want and crave for their enriching education. I hope to be in a liberal environment, where an individual’s view is respected and considered, rather than what society preaches, where what you say and do ¬†has more of an impact than what you wear, and where everyone can be different in their own way and still¬†thrive.

That is where I want to be 3 and a half years from now, and I am working diligently to achieve that.

It’s the dopamine! I’m telling you.

By the way, check out that video, if you haven’t already. It’s a perfect mix of science, technology, philosophy and the entity of human life.