When My Teacher Told Me to Write a Shakespearean Sonnet…

Who doesn’t love a typical freshman English class in high school? It is so wonderful, creative and whatnot. So when my teacher assigned me a Shakespearean Sonnet to write last month, I thought of writing about something that is actually interesting to me. I decided to write about surgery.  Although I have never been in the operating room, I read the book, “Direct Red,” by Gabriel Weston and was greatly inspired to write about how a typical inexperienced resident may feel in the operating room (OR) at times.

Here is what I wrote :


 In the Operating Room

Feeling queasy smelling methylene blue,

Holding someone’s neck open for so long,

Cold sweat running down my back, no one knew,

Clad in the surgical gown, yet so strong.

Feeling insubstantial filled with much shame,

Moments of incapacity take charge,

For now, everything seems to be in vain,

The operating room empty and large.

Yet the feeling of suffocation stays,

The human body, a well-tuned engine,

Nonetheless, deep inside, there is a fray,

Soon it reforms as it takes medicine,

The feelings of courage and confidence,

An artisan’s craft made with brilliance.

Thanks for reading,

–Akriti Keswani


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